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Job Description

Curious about working for a rapidly growing company that serves people in need, wants to compensate you well for your work, and treats you with the respect you deserve as a human being and not just an “employee”? If that sounds interesting to you, please read on! 
Tort Experts is an expanding digital, performance marketing/lead-generation agency that assists injury victims get compensation through mass torts and other lawsuits for, but not limited to, harmful pharmaceutical drugs and defective medical devices. 
We are seeking a Project Integrations Manager with a strong understanding of basic web technologies (such as CRM systems and how web leads can be posted into them, APIs and how they work to pull data from CRMs, etc.), with reasonable people skills, to integrate the growing number of new lead-generation projects our company is launching. 
This role requires meticulous attention to detail with the responsibility and ownership to ensure projects are completed on time. 

What You’ll Do 

  • Work closely with the executive team to understand business goals for new lead-generation projects and apply that knowledge to prioritize their integrations 
  • Use ClickUp (our project management tool, very similar to Trello/Asana/Monday) to keep track of multiple projects at the same time by adding projects details, tasks, and templates 
  • Coordinate with new/existing clients, partners, and/or intake center points of contact to gather data necessary to launch lead-gen projects 
  • Follow basic workflows in our lead management software to set up new clients, contracts, and intake centers 
  • Confirm and QA test web leads with clients 
  • Assist client/intakes in setting up basic, automated lead status reporting files from their various different CRMs to be sent to company 
  • Gather API information from client CRMs and provide it to the internal tech team to pull reports 
  • Follow up with points of contact at each step to see projects to their completion 
  • Maintain daily interaction with team members, freelancers, and clients via Slack, email, and phone calls 
  • Take direct feedback, learn, and implement 
  • Communicate your feedback and process improvements to all levels of leadership 

Who You Are 

  • Available to work between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM EST to communicate in real-time via chat and video/phone calls 
  • 2-4 years of experience managing web/tech-related projects and coordinating team members/freelancers to accomplish them 
  • Comfortable working in a very fast-paced and remote environment with constant new mini-projects 
  • Extremely organized, methodical, and comfortable paying attention to details 
  • Takes accountability and responsibility to make sure projects are completed on time or updates expectations if they are unrealistic 
  • An analytical and technical orientation rather than a social orientation. High standards and high-quality work is of utmost importance.
  • Very curious and willing to constantly ask questions to develop a deep understanding of the business processes (We will in the first few weeks walk you through our internal processes to bring you up to speed) 
  • Have very strong English writing/speaking skills 
  • Have a strong work ethic 
  • Maintain a mature, composed, and professional demeanor in the face of adversity/stress 
  • Humble with a willingness to learn from mistakes, receive feedback and grow from the experience 

Our Benefits 

  • Competitive base pay 
  • Significant potential to receive quarterly bonuses contingent on performance evaluation 
  • Unlimited/flexible PTO days off throughout the year for any reason, including mental health 
  • Reimbursement support for equipment and tools needed for a productive remote environment 
  • Medical insurance coverage and 401k incentive (if based in the USA) 
  • An atmosphere where if you prove your value to our company/team, we will reward you for it monetarily as well as provide recognition and upward mobility  

Our Culture 

Our team is a diverse group of about 20 team members (and growing) based domestically and internationally across New York, Florida, Denmark, California, China, India, Bangladesh, and more. 
We value a culture that treats our team members with dignity, respects their personal/family lives, and seeks to provide significant flexibility in always allowing fully remote work and allowing for time/days off as needed, for whatever reason. 
We are a very entrepreneurial company in that we are always launching new projects and actively encourage our team to voice their own ideas, feedback and recommendations on how we can better run more smoothly and efficiently.

Instructions to Apply